Upcoming Events

Arts in Conversation: Indigenous Communities 

Postponed, Date TBA, UH Manoa Orvis Auditorium

In this event, programmed to coincide with Indigenous People's Day (Columbus Day) we will be celebrating the indigenous communities represented here on the Islands and around the world. 

We will, of course, be featuring Kanaka Māoli arts and artists which will include ho'okupu (ceremonial songs during times of resistance) performed by the UH Chamber Singers and the Nā Wai Chamber Choir, as well as featuring several Hula Halau. We'll also be featuring arts that celebrate and describe the struggles felt by other indigenous communities around the world, and we are thrilled to be featuring the new theater company Empowering People of Color Hawai'i as they partner with Decolonial [email protected] in a performed reading of a satirical work-in-progress riffing on the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. Stay tuned for more info on the program and presenting artists!


Past Events

Arts in Conversation: LGBTQ+ 

October 20th 2017, 7:30PM, UH Manoa Orvis Auditorium

In this event, programmed to coincide with Hawai'i's Pride month and National Coming Out Day, we will be highlighting the diverse and important contributions made to the arts by members of the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, +) community.

We'll be featuring guest speaker and Native Hawaiian Trans activist Kumu Hina, as well as the Gay Men's Chorus of Honolulu, UH Manoa faculty and students, Farrington High School GSA and Slam Poetry club members, and community musicians and visual artists. And we are thrilled to have the chance to partner with Hawai'i Opera Theatre to present a preview of the Trans opera "As One" that will be performed in its entirity on January.  Don't miss an evening of music, dance, film, spoken word, visual art and conversation celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. 


Peace Day Hawai'i​
September 16th 2017, 6:00PM, Soka Gakki International Hawai'i Cultural Center
We are excited to be participating in the 10th Annual Peace Day Hawai'i Celebration which will honor Hokule'a Master Navigator Nainoa Thompson. This celebration is part of the UN's International Day of Peace and Non-Violence, and will bring together activitsts from around the community to promote peace, human rights, and climate protection. 

Program: theme from Schindler's List; Rachmaninoff "Ne poi krasavitsa;" and "An Aria For the Executive Order" by Niloufar Nourbakhsh. 

Artists: soprano Rachel Schutz, mezzo-soprano Maya Hoover, violinist Iggy Jang, and pianist Jonathan Korth. 

More info at  Peace Day Hawaii

Arts in ​​​Conversation: Climate Change

April 30th, 2017 4:30PM Honolulu Biennial Hub

Climate change is a daunting social, economic and environmental phenomenon that communities around the world are already grappling with. As creators, moderators, and curators of human culture, artists of many different mediums have been using their expressive power to draw attention to this pressing social issue. Music, dance, poetry, projections and speaking will come together to highlight the very real consequences and effects of climate change.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Program: songs by Tchaikovsky, Wolf, Schumann and Puckett, Tournier's "Vers la source dans le bois," "Contrasts" by local composer Robert Pollock, poems "Care" and "Chanting Waters" by Craig Santos Perez, "Symbiosis" by dancer Camille Monson, "15 Seconds" by Photographer Andy Stenz, excerpts of "The 6th Great extinction" by visual artists Ava Fedorov, and "Planetary Bands, Warming World" by Daniel Crawford, which turns real climate data collected over 120 years into music.

Artists: sopranos Rachel Schutz, Caitlin Cavarocchi, Erin Richardson & Leah Ralston, violinists Ignace Jang & Rachel Saul, violist Colin Belisle, cellist Anna Callner, harpist Megan Bledsoe-Ward, poet Craig Santos Perez, dancers Devon Izumigwa and Camille Monson, projections by Taylor Pak, photography by Andy Stenz, visual art by Ava Fedorov, and finally, environmental activist and community organizer Joshua Noga. 


More info at Honolulu Biennial 

Earth Day After pARTy

April 22nd, 2017 6PM Arts At Mark's Garage

We're thrilled to be participating in this year's Earth Day celebrations and to be collaborating with Art at Mark's Garage for the opening  of The 6th Great Extinction installation by artist Ava Fedorov. Join us for an evening of powerful visual and performing arts, speakers, pupus and more.

Program: Contrast by Robert Pollock, Planetary Bands, Warming World by Daniel Crawford. 

Artists: soprano Rachel Schutz, violinists Ignace Jang & Rachel Saul, violist Colin Belisle, cellist Anna Callner

More info:  The 6th Great Extinction and  Arts at Marks Garag

Arts in Conversation: Immigration

March 14th, 2017 7:30PM UH Manoa Orvis Auditorium

This inter-disciplinary concert will explore how immigration has shaped the arts, how immigrant artists have shaped culture at large, and how these topics relate to our modern immigration debate. Music, dance, spoken word, video and speaking will come together to highlight the important role that arts play in mediating discussion around social issues.

Program:  Antonín Dvorák's "American" String Quartet, Erich Korngold's "Marietta's Lied," John Williams's "The Lanes of Limerick" from Angela's Ashes, Folk Songs (Set 12D) by Iranian composer Reza Vali, a set of songs by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Iridescence by Takuma Itoh, "Seven Letters" by Milo Robinson,  "I am the daughter of immigrants" by Toni Pasion. and a talk on the relationship between music and immigration by Mari Yoshihara. 

Artists: mezzo-soprano Maya Hoover, soprano Rachel Schutz, pianists Jonathan Korth & Thomas Yee, violinists Ignace Jang & Rachel Saul, violist Colin Belisle, cellist Anna Callner, harpist Megan Bledsoe-Ward, spoken word artists Milo Robinson & Toni Pasion, dancers Katie Patrick and Charessa Fryc, and finally speaker Mari Yoshihara. 

More info at UH Manoa Music Department